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Imagine: an app that allows you to discover really golden tips for a cool address instead of a traditional search engine for catering businesses? On you will only find the nicest places to eat or drink something. They are recommended by their colleagues from the sector. Do you want to find the best suggestions on the map in real time? Then let the chefs put you on your way.
The cuisine at Van der Valk Hotel Beveren

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Brasserie - €€ - Kortrijk
Brasserie Mi - Di
Mediterranean - €€ - Mechelen
Local Table & Tap
Other - € - Hasselt
Open until 23:00
Café - € - Leuven
Bar Picasso
Other - Kortrijk
Open until 23:00
Café - € - Mechelen
Den Stillen Genieter
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Food & Drinks
17 feb. - 30 dec.
Sandwiches and toast
Agrea in Gent, starting from € 5.20
Food & Drinks
20 jan.
Dish of the day Monday
Den Beiaard in Leuven
Food & Drinks
16 jan.
Dish of the day Thursday
Den Beiaard in Leuven
Food & Drinks
17 jan.
Dish of the day Friday
Den Beiaard in Leuven
Food & Drinks
21 jan.
Dish of the day Tuesday
Den Beiaard in Leuven
Food & Drinks
15 mrt., 07:30 - 12:30
Luxurious breakfast
Barefood Giulia in Hasselt, starting from € 27.50
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