Rom coffee

We are proud that we can offer you ROM coffee. Why?

  • In addition to being a recognized Flemish-Brabant regional product, the coffee roasting company ROM in Boortmeerbeek is now also recognized by the VLAM. Business manager Lutgarde Paeps (53) is very proud of the recognition, yet expansion plans are not part of the vision for the future. © ️ROM coffee
  • we opt for the Caramba selection from ROM. This coffee is characterized by 100% arabica that comes from Central / South America. It is mildly roasted with a slow surf for a full aftertaste and low in caffeine content.
  • The coffee roaster and producer of coffee ROM is not the big roaring name within the coffee brands. It wants to stay small and thereby deliver consistent quality to companies, individuals and the hospitality industry. Business manager Lutgarde Paeps is very proud that she can continue the business that her mother started in 1967. © ️ROM coffee
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